unveiling the mystery of Real-life Superheroes

What are Real-life Superheroes & what do they do ??
People who dress and/or act like comic book superheroes. Sometimes, this label is bestowed upon them by those whom they have helped or the media, while at other times, the aspiring superheroes apply the label to themselves. They usually patrol at night and help the people (specially protecting women against crimes) in need. There are also some who do social welfare jobs.

Who are Real-life Superheroes ??
They usually don't reveal their identities or reveal it to some few.

Some real life examples of Real-life Superheroes (with proper evidences) documented in the news media :

  • The Portland, Oregon-based newspaper Willamette Week reported on Zetaman and his patrols consisting of seeking out the needy with gifts of food and clothing. This was later reported on the Portland-based ABC affiliate, KATU, and CNN.
  • ABC News and NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! radio program interviewed Terrifica, a New York City-based woman who patrols bars and parties in an effort to protect inebriated women in danger of being taken advantage of by men. Since the mid-1990s, Terrifica has donned a golden mask, Valkyrie bra, blond wig, red boots and cape, to distract the men she tries to dissuade from seducing drunk young women. She carries a utility belt containing pepper spray, a cell phone, lipstick, a camera to photograph alleged predators, a journal, Terrifica fortune cards, and Smarties for energy. Terrifica has an arch-nemesis, a self-proclaimed philanderer who calls himself Fantastico.
  • TreeHugger reported on Captain Ozone starring in ecological television PSA’s, making appearances at grade schools and hemp festivals, creating a video documentary on environmentalism, and also organizing a public demonstration for renewable energy.
  • The BBC reported on Angle-Grinder Man, a British self-described "wheel-clamp superhero" who uses an angle grinder to cut wheel clamps off vehicles in Kent and London.
  • CNN covered Mexico City's Superbarrio, who wears red tights and a red and yellow wrestler's mask. Rather than fight crime and corruption with violence, he uses his unique image to organize labor rallies and protests, and file petitions.
  • The Age described Polarman of Iqaluit, Canada, whose primary interests are shoveling the snow off sidewalks during the day, and patrolling the streets for criminals at night.
  • WTOP-FM, a radio station in Washington DC, reported on Metro Woman, who uses a superhero costume and identity to spread information on using mass transit and the ecological benefits of using public transportation in the Washington DC Metro region.
  • CBS affiliate WTSP reported about Superhero and Lady Hero in Clearwater, Florida.
  • The Washington Post reported a story about superheroes Captain Prospect and Justice, members of the "Capital City Super Squad" in Washington DC.
  • Central Florida News 13 did a story on "Team Justice," a group of costumed superheroes giving Christmas gifts to the homeless.
  • The Twin Cities-based newspaper City Pages ran a story focusing on a Minnesota superhero, Geist. The article also featured many other Real Life Superheroes.
  • ABC's Nightline news program interviewed real-life superheroes Squeegeeman and Captain Xavier Obvious, who patrol New York City. The heroes have also been documented in Radar Magazine, Time Out New York, and HDNET's Deadline.
  • The Salt Lake City-based newspaper Salt Lake City Weekly reported on the patrols of The Black Monday Society and the costumed identities of its team members Insignis, Ghost, Ha!, Oni, and Silver Dragon. FOX News Salt Lake City ran a story on the team as well.
  • The New York Daily News did an article on Life and Dark Guardian patrolling through New York City and helping the homeless.
  • Rolling Stone ran a feature about the "real superhero community," featuring Master Legend and The Ace.
  • La Repubblica, in Italy, did a brief article about the phenomenon, prominently featuring Entomo The Insect-Man, a masked patroller and activist.In February 2009, Rai 4 filmed a night-time patrol and interview with Entomo at the abandoned Italsider Factory in Naples. This special feature was aired on the TV program 'Sugo'. Following an extensive interview on Il Riformista, Entomo was depicted on all the major Italian newspapers, as well as Spanish: Il Mattino and Panorama, among the many. The Real Life Superhero became a media sensation from day to night, and Yahoo Italia also dedicated its first page to him.
  • Jack Brinatte, known as Razorhawk, appeared on Fox News America Newsroom.
  • CityNews, a news network in Toronto, had an article on Allan Shields, known as Parking Angel, a man whose self proclaimed mission in life is to "try to save as many motorists as possible from receiving one of those irritating - and expensive - parking tickets."
  • The New York Times told of the exploits of Superheroes Anonymous, the first annual gathering of real-life Superheroes from all over America, who cleaned Times Square, helped the homeless, and handed out crime prevention materials."
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune and UPI wrote about heroes like Mr. Xtreme, a security guard who moonlights as a "costumed crime fighter" in San Diego, California. He wears a camouflage wrestling mask with bug-shaped mesh eyes.
  • Thanatos, Life and Phantom Zero were featured in an article by Globe and Mail. They discussed their different views and methods on being Real Life Superheroes.
  • CBS Atlanta reports Crimson Fist patrols Atlanta twice a month to help those in need.
  • Dark Guardian, Life and Phantom Zero were featured in the March edition of Loaded Magazine.
  • Wall Creeper and Zen Blade were featured on Westword, Denver's alternative weekly publiciation.
  • MSN mentions Master Legend, Captain Prospect, Geist, Tothian, Captain Jackson, Nyx, and Michael Brinatte, owner of Hero-gear.net in an online article.
  • ABC KSTP 5 reported on Razorhawk, Geist and the Great Lakes Hero Guild while they patrolled Minneapolis. The segment was re-broadcast nationally on ABC Overnight News.
  • Dark Guardian and Citizen Prime were featured on the Premiere episode of the G4 show, G4 Underground starring Morgan Webb.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio-based NBC affiliate News 5 WLWT reported on Shadow Hare. This was later rebroadcast on CNN.
  • Dark Guardian, Life and Phantom Zero were featured on WPIX channel 11 The CW affiliate as they patrolled New York City. News clip shown featured Dark Guardian confronting a drug dealer courtesy of Superheroes Anonymous film crew.
  • CNN featured an article on Mr. Ravenblade, Dark Guardian, Mr. Xtreme and Superheroes Anonymous.

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