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I came across this website that talks; in a very very interesting way - usually by one liners or by event summaries; about all the recent trending topics & personal issues BajaoIndia.com : A Nation Uprising

It's world's first full format website talking about all kind of personal, social and global - real-time & futuristic - issues | events | feelings that might be serious, mysterious, humorous or even sarcastic. And the best part of this is that identity of the people who submit posts is kept totally anonymous.

BajaoIndia.com is an attempt to bring out the absurdities and idiosyncrasies of Indian life that includes politics, religion, culture, caste, relationships, office life, education system, technology, etc. This website gives the users a common global platform via which they can share problems and provide solutions to problems - in short for sharing tears and smiles.

Some of the Latest Posts:
  1. Today, after helping an old lady to grab a packet of crisps on a shelf too high from the supermarket, she thanked me with: "You should put on deodorant, girl."
  2. Today, saw 1 police person took bribe from other person for not to stand in queue for taking driving license and the amount was so less that after sometime.. that police person started new queue... BRIBE Queue...
  3. On the way of Long Drive found 1 person pissing on the road side... I threw an empty bottle at him and screamed "FILL THIS, Our COUNTRY doesn't NEED YOUR WATER"
  4. Why do we forget the great people & their great lives - Saleem Malik, Ata-ur-Rehman, Mohammad Azharuddin, Ajay Sharma, Manoj Prabhakar, Ajay Jadeja, Hansie Cronje - all BANNED from CRICKET - Still matched are fixed & betted... it's SHAME on us... on one side we have people like SACHIn pouring in all what they have got to make it BIG & on ther side we are shitting & peeing on it... GO FUCK YOURSELF MATCH-FIXERS
  5. Today, I was with my friend and her entire family at a restaurant. While we were eating, her brother who is really cute asked what "brown sauce" is. I said that's probably 'p*n*s' sauce. I'd meant to say 'peanut sauce' but the damage was done. SHIT MAN
  6. why the great indian reality show "Bigg Boss 4" on "Colours TV channel" is bringing thieves {Bunty alias Devendar} ?? I suppose just for TRP ?? then, i that case, I take the opportunity to suggest some more - bring - prostitutes, pimps, strippers, porn stars, beggars, dacoits, scandlers too.
Important: The site also promises; via it's team of Counselors; to solve these issues - & eradicate them from roots.

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