2 Most creative advertisements of 2009

Adding more value to the tradition of exposing extraordinary intelligence in doing the ad, Vodafone has shifted to a realm of add. That is the Vodafone Zoo Zoo ad. There is no animation at all in deploying theses adds. Rather real character inside the masks. These are another milestone achieved by the ad agency Ogilvy Mather India. The characters are so realistically represented that it gives us intense amusement and touchy feelings. With our peaking a single word they expressed the human emotions and feelings very much. The characters are of Cape Town and the ad is shot at South Africa, mostly to popularise the IPL ads of Vodafone.

If you have been intrigued by posters of a certain 'Moochwali' staring down at you, on your way to work or in print ads in the newspaper in the last few days, its all thanks to the team at O&M, which has put together the teaser campaign for Fevicol, as a lead up to the brand's new campaign to mark 50 years of Fevicol's existence. The commercial shows the life journey of a young girl, who is shown getting dressed up by her family for a skit in their courtyard. She is playing a male character, and is therefore, provided with the mandatory fake moustache to complete the look. From hereon, the girl is shown sporting the moustache, for the rest of her life. The inference, of course, is that the moustache was stuck on her face with the help of a little dab of Fevicol. So whether it is at her school, where her teacher is mildly shocked at her appearance, or at a distribution ceremony in her village, or even when she has grown older and poses in a studio for a picture with a cut-out male character (the photographer promptly interchanges the male cut-out with a female cut-out character, after seeing her moustache), she always sports the moustache. She is shown in various stages of her life; as a newly married bride, an eager mother, a middle aged woman, one nearing old age and the last, finally, on her death bed, all the while, sporting the moustache. Towards the end, as she breathes her last, the camera pans to show a nearby cubicle where a baby has just been born, albeit with a moustache, as a gesture towards the concept of reincarnation. The ad ends with the tagline of '50 saal se champion.' (a champion for 50 years)

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