how to fart & earn money ? Flatulist, Fartist, or professional Farter "Paul Oldfield" & "Le Pétomane" do it

Flatulist, Fartist, or professional Farter is a performer who receives payment for farting in an amusing and/or musical manner.

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
The Flatulist, Fartist, or professional Farter have remarkable control of the abdominal muscles, which enabled him to fart at will. The profession is also referred to as "flatulist," "farteur", or "fartiste".

Notable flatulists:
1) Methane, contemporary flatulist
2) Le Pétomane, performed in France from 1887 until 1914

Le Pétomane (pronounced /ləˈpɛtəmeɪn/, French pronunciation: [ləpetɔˈman]) was the stage name of the French professional farter and entertainer Joseph Pujol (June 1, 1857 - 1945). He was famous for his remarkable control of the abdominal muscles, which enabled him to fart at will. His stage name combines the French verb péter, "to fart" with the -mane, "-maniac" suffix, which translates to "the fart maniac".

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
Le Pétomane

Joseph Pujol was born in Marseille. He was one of five children of François (a stonemason and sculptor) and Rose Pujol. Soon after he left school he had a strange experience while swimming in the sea. He put his head under the water and held his breath, whereupon he felt an icy cold penetrating his rear. He ran ashore in fright and was amazed to see water pouring from his anus. A doctor assured him that there was nothing to worry about. When he joined the army he told his fellow soldiers about his special ability, and repeated it for their amusement, sucking up water from a pan into his rectum and then projecting it through his anus up to several yards. He then found that he could suck in air as well. Although a baker by profession, Pujol would entertain his customers by imitating musical instruments, and claim to be playing them behind the counter. Pujol decided to try his talent on the stage, and debuted in Marseille in 1887. After his act proved successful, he proceeded to Paris, where he took the act to the Moulin Rouge in 1892. Some of the highlights of his stage act involved sound effects of cannon fire and thunderstorms, as well as playing 'O Sole Mio and La Marseillaise on an ocarina through a rubber tube in his anus. He could also blow out a candle from several yards away. His audience included Edward, Prince of Wales, King Leopold II of the Belgians and Sigmund Freud. In 1894, the managers of the Moulin Rouge sued Pujol for an impromptu exhibition he gave to aid a friend struggling with economic difficulties. For the measly sum of 3,000 francs (Pujol's usual fee being 20,000 francs per show), the Moulin Rouge lost their star attraction, who proceeded to set up his own traveling show called the Theatre Pompadour. In the following decade Pujol tried to 'refine' and make his acts 'gentler'; one of his favourite numbers became a rhyme about a farm which he himself composed, and which he punctuated with the usual anal renditions of the animals' sounds. The climax of his act however involved him farting his impression of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. With the outbreak of World War I, Pujol, horrified by the inhumanity of the conflict, retired from the stage and returned to his bakery in Marseille. Later he opened a biscuit factory in Toulon. He died in 1945, aged 88, and was buried in the cemetery of La Valette-du-Var, where his grave can still be seen today. The Sorbonne offered his family a large sum of money to study his body after his death, but they refused the offer.

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
Le Pétomane's advertisement

Paul Oldfield, born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, North West England, is better known by his stage name Mr. Methane. He is a British flatulist or "professional farter" who started performing in 1991.

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
Paul Oldfield performing

According to When Will I Be Famous? (2003), a BBC book on British variety acts, Oldfield discovered his ability at the age of fifteen when practicing yoga. The next day he performed twenty rapid fire rasping farts in under a minute for a group of his friends. It became so popular he made it into a regular event. At this time he did not become a professional, but instead started working for British Rail, eventually getting promoted to Train Driver. The word of his odorous ability spread. In the late 1980s he was transferred to the Buxton motive power depot in Derbyshire. There he met a driver called Paul Genders who played in a Macclesfield based soul/blues cover band called The Screaming Beavers. Paul invited Mr. Methane to perform as a guest artist. The audience loved his performance, and he decided to try it as a career.

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
Visit him at: http//www.mrmethane.com/

On stage, he wears a bright green-and-purple skin-tight costume with cape and mask, looking like a superhero. He become a full time flatulist in 1991 giving performances all over the world specially at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, the Edinburgh Fringe and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He also made numerous television & radio appearances.

Paul Oldfield Le Pétomane Fart Flatulist Fartist professional Farter
Paul Oldfield

In 1998, BBC News reported that insurance companies had refused to insure his bottom. In 2000, he released the self-titled album mr methane.com including his renditions of "The Blue Danube", the "1812 Overture" and "Swan Lake". On 9 May 2009, he appeared on Britain's Got Talent in front of the three judges, who all voted him off.

His Discography include:
(1999), Trouser Trumpet ASIN B00000JB5F
(2000), Mr Methane.com: Anal Madness from the Man With the Rumbling Ring ASIN: B00004WN21
(2001), Merry Methane: A Feast of Festive Flatulence

History of Flaulists:

There are a number of scattered references to ancient and medieval flatulists, who could produce various rhythms and pitches with their intestinal wind. Saint Augustine in City of God (De Civitate Dei) (14.24) mentions some performers who did have "such command of their bowels, that they can break wind continuously at will, so as to produce the effect of singing." Juan Luis Vives in his 1522 commentary to Augustine's work, testifies to having himself witnessed such a feat, a remark referenced by Michel de Montaigne in an essay. The professional farters of medieval Ireland were called braigetori. They are listed together with other performers and musicians in the 12th century Tech Midchúarda, a diagram of the banqueting hall of Tara. As entertainers, these braigetori ranked at the lower end of a scale headed by bards, fili and harpers. The peordh rune of the Anglo-Saxon futhorc has been suggested to be named after the fart based on the rune poem stanza,[citation needed] which translates to "[a fart?] is a source of recreation and amusement to the great, where warriors sit blithely together in the banqueting-hall." Another widely accepted interpretation links the name to pearwood, suggesting that the poem aludes to a recorder or similar wind instrument, since pearwood is traditionally used to carve such musical instruments. One late medieval flatulist is mentioned in an entry in the 13th century English Liber Feodorum (Book of Fees). It lists one Roland the Farter, who held Hemingstone manor in the county of Suffolk, for which he was obliged to perform "Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum" (one jump, one whistle, and one fart) annually at the court of king Henry II every Christmas. But professional farting no longer seems to be restricted to the aristocracy. The Activa Vita character in the 14th century allegorical poem Piers Plowman appears to number farting among the abilities desirable in a good entertainer in general, paralleling with storytelling, fiddling, or playing the harp. This poem translates to "As for me, I can neither drum nor trumpet, nor tell jokes, nor fart amusingly at parties, nor play the harp." Evidence of deliberate farting at social occasions continues into the Modern Age. In the 16th century, Rabelais details how Panurge when getting up, gave "a fart, a leap, and a whistle, and joyously cried out 'Long live Pantagruel!"[citation needed] Pantagruel so addressed immediately intends to respond in like fashion, but miserably soils himself in the attempt. Panurge's salute is closely paralleled by the obligation of Roland the Farter detailed above.

professional farting is a sub genere of Toilet humour, or scatological humour, which inturn is a type of off-colour humour dealing with defecation, urination, flatulence, vomiting and other bodily functions. Public reference to bodily functions is taboo in many cultures. This genre also sees substantial crossover with sexual humour, such as penis jokes. Toilet humour is popular among children and teenagers, and despite being toned down to remove some of the more erotic components, it is still often seen as a rejection of taboos, and is a part of modern culture.

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