Height of Imagination in Advertising. 5th INSTALLMENT

Following is the 5th INSTALLMENT of the good ads which did not use any celebrity in them but then too were a huge HIT in the industry.

To view 4th INSTALLMENT click here

In the following assignment I showcase 2 most brilliant ads; one titled "Definitely Male" & the other one titled "Fastest Indian" of "Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i motorcycle" by Bajaj Auto, India.

This first advertisement shows a motorcycle flirting with a young girl. hence the tag line : Definitely male. this indirectly makes any "Real Man" synonymous to "this motorcycle" and as soon as a male starts identifying himself with the motorcycle he'll also get mentally compelled to have (buy) one.

This advertisement shows a "Totally CARE-FREE criminal". the criminal is kool in attitude and doesn't bothers about the police that is after him just because of one reason : that he has this bike via which he can fly off and thus escape any danger !! hence the tag line: "The Fastest Indian" - again trying the same strategy as used in previous ad.

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