LAMP / WAMP interview questions. Have Guts ?? Answer them !

1) what are practical uses of References in PHP ??

2) What is the best technique or tool that can migrate data residing in a MS SQL Server database or Oracle database to a MySQL databaase ??

3) how to count number of simultaneous users on a web page and how to restrict more than a particular number of users ??

4) "Safe Mode" been disabled in PHP 6. What disadvantages did it pose that Zend had to take such a step ??

5) What is difference between Server-side-Ajax-frameworks (like Sajax, Xajax) and Browser-side-Ajax-frameworks (like AjaxLib, SACK) ??

6) What is the advantage of compiling PHP with the optin "--disable-all" ??

7) Why are following PHP extensions called "Self Contained" : MySQL, LDAP, DBA, PCRE, GD, CURL ??

8) What is meant by saying : "Base PHP package depends only on XML parser" ??

9) Is XML compulsory in Ajax implementation ??

10) List all advantages that CURL has over fopen ??

11) which one is safer (or can be made safe) : GET or POST ??

12) What is the importance of Headers ??

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