Height of imagination in Advertising world

Following are some of the good ads which did not use any celebrity in them but then too were a huge HIT in the industry.

The banned XBox ad -

Indirectly trying to say that life is a game and we all are regular players:

The Multi Award Winning TV commercial of Surf Excel -

Says that the stains will definitely always be there if childhood is there - you can't help childhood and so can't help stains - so better buy this detergent for the same:

An ad from a Sim-card company in India called Idea

says that if people are numbered instead of being named we can have unity and hence harmony - an indirect way of saying that the more one uses a phone - the more he will be recalled as his phone number rather than his name - and which in turn has a positive effect on society as explained before:

The Happy Dent Chewing Gum ad- THE BEST I could ever even think of

suggests in pure fantasy that teeth can be clean to the extent that we use it instead of lights - basically the chewing-gum boasts of cleaning the teeth to that superficial extent:

Chlormint ad - Another Masterpiece

simply trying to say that one should use a product which they like - not the one which others force or suggest you to use: