INDIAns Attention please - READ this just for your HEALTH sake

I) Don't eat Kurkure b'coz it contains high amount of plastic if U don't believe burn kurkure n u can see plastic melting.

II) Avoid these tablets they are very dangerous. They contain Phenyl- Propanol -Amide PPA which causes strokes. These tablets are banned in U.S.

1. D cold
2. Vicks action- 500
3. Actified
4. Coldarin
5. Cosome
6. Nice
7. Nimulid
8. Cetrizet-D

III) Cotton Ear Buds... (Must read this one)

Pls do not show sympathy to people selling buds on roadside or at Signals..... Just wanted to warn you people not to buy those packs of ear buds you get at the roadside. It's made from cotton that has already been used in Hospitals. They take all the dirty, blood and pus filled cotton, wash it, bleach it and use it to make ear buds. So, unless you want to become the first person in the world to get Herpes Zoster Oticus (a viral infection of the inner, middle, and external ear) of the ear and that too from a cotton bud, DON'T BUY THEM!

IV) Don't eat Mentos candy before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi because the person will die immediately as the mixture becomes cyanide..

Not horrified still ?? Did not believe ?? - read this excerpt from Wikipedia ->

Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption (also known as a Mentos eruption or a soda geyser) is a reaction of Diet Coke and mint Mentos candies. The eruption is caused by opening a bottle of Diet Coke (typically a two liter bottle) and dropping a Mentos into the bottle. The reaction causes the Diet Coke to foam at a rapid rate and spew into the air. Mint is used instead of fruit-flavor Mentos because fruit flavored Mentos have a smooth coating which slows the reaction. Because of the nature of this physical reaction and the easy availability of the ingredients, the eruption is a popular subject for Internet videos, and has also appeared in non-Internet sources. A variation of this experience consists on making the bottle rocket up by closing the cap shortly after Mentos is inserted and, then, slam the bottle into the ground cap first. The explosion will generate a reaction like the engines of a rocket.

this is what happens soon after a Mentos candy was put into Coke

(to read full article at Wiki - click here)

V) Don't put your mobile closer to your ears until the recipient answers, because directly after dialing, the mobile phone would use it's maximum signaling power, which is: 2watts = 33dbi. Please Be Careful. Please use left ear while using cell (mobile), because if you use the right one it may affect brain directly. - Apollo medical team.

V) Don't drink Appy Fizz. It contains cancer causing agent.

V) Leptospirosis disease free with Cold Drink and Soda Cans ->

A woman went boating one Sunday taking with her some cans of coke which she Put into the refrigerator of the boat. On Monday she was taken to the hospital and placed in the Intensive Care Unit. She died on Wednesday. The autopsy concluded she died of Leptospirosis. This was traced to the can of coke she drank from, not using a glass. Tests showed that the can was
infected by dried rat urine and hence the disease Leptospirosis. Rat urine contains toxic and deadly substances It is highly recommended to thoroughly wash the upper part of soda cans before drinking out of them. The cans are typically stocked in warehouses and transported straight to the shops without being cleaned. A study at NYCU showed that the tops of soda cans
are more contaminated than public toilets (i .e.) full of germs and bacteria. So wash them with water before putting them to the mouth to avoid any kind of fatal accident. Please forward this message to all the people you care about.

Above all is a News report from ** (Some say - Times of India. Rest say - Apollo Hospital. I am unsure. but you better take care - why take RISK ??)

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Jen said...

Hi Saurabh,

That is so nice of you to share this information here. But just one thing, is the information provided by you here true. I mean is it confirmed by any regulatory authority. I checked for Kurkure at many sources and also at their official website at http://kurkure.in/FAQs.aspx