"The Opportunist"- the only Indian short film to be selected at the Con-Can movie festival 2008 in Tokyo, Japan

Opportunities are often considered the admission to reaching great heights. However there are a few exceptions to this case which can lead to life becoming a living hell for some.

The film ‘The Opportunist’ (WATCH it here: http://en.con-can.com/watch/preview.php?id=20081078) portrays the effect of the latter scenario where the course of events occurring in a two hour journey leads a man to ruins.

The protagonist is played by a popular actor Manoj Joshi who boards the train to Panvel. In the course of the journey he encounters a woman (Rohini Banerjee) in distress who is weeping uncontrollably. His persistent queries are met with disclosure of more than just the high strung emotions. Gradually he finds himself making use of the given opportunity and giving way to his weakness only to face a shocking revelation of his destiny.

The film which is a G.K Desai production is brilliant and very thought provoking. Enjoying the credit of being the only Indian short film to be selected at the Con-Can movie festival in Tokyo, Japan, it manages to make a long lasting and powerful impact on the viewers within its 12 minute screening. This is owed to the sensitive direction by Dipk G. N. Nanglia.

Deep and dark, it enlightens the audience with an exemplary and a socially relevant message in the end. It exhibits the fact that while some opportunities enhance our living on a highway, there are others which lead to a dead end. The above instance is a perfect example of the latter case that justifies the title completely. Irony is that when the protagonist catches the train, little does he realize that it was probably his gateway to the other world. A must watch for all.

Change seems to have enhanced the unconventional mode of story line that dwells on the intellect more than pure entertainment. It is a pleasure to see the potential growth for many Indian film makers in this era of globalization. Opportunities are plenty for the creative minds to learn and explore into foreign ventures that showcase not only the inherent talent but also pride of the sub continent.

- some parts by Swetha Amit, A psychologist from Mumbai, at http://content.msn.co.in

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