Answer these PHP interview questions ..... anyone there ?? have GUTS ??

1) why is safe mode needed in php ?? what is safe mode?? explain shared-server-security problem ??
2) How to simulate a destructor; supported in PHP 5; in PHP 4 ??
3) how will you expire a user's sesion if he remains inactive for 10 mins - cokkies are turned off on browser - DO not say that you will delete all session files after 10 minutes , because then all active/inactive users will be signed out after 10 mins :)
4) What is the relation between pattern and framework in php ??
5) how to find how many users are active on mysite at any moment ??.... and how to restrict only 50 users to access my php page from server ??
6) how does a load balancer sitting on top of a web server function ??
7) Does PHP 5 supports Method overloading in the same way java does ??.... if not why not ??....and how can it be made to ??
8) how can you emulate php 5's function _construct in PHP 4 ??
9) In what all cases is manually freeing of memory required in PHP ??
10) is a LAMP website example of a 2-tier-architecture or 3-tier-architecture ?? HOW ??
11) Tell differences between Cron and a Service ?? Also tell the similarities ??
12) Why is HTML not called a server-side language even when it can interact with server using GET and POST ??

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