DOS Shortcuts - Tips n Tricks

Of sometime you want to use in your Windows But as you well know Run need some commands and with that commands you can manage and moderating your pc much better.for example there is a command that show you your pc info like ram and cpu usage and etc...

you can start the program by pressing win+r keys or open the start menu and click on the Run.
now all you need to do is typing the commands in the box

this command will allow you to have access to different part of your windows and change them.but i warn you don't change the thing that you don't have any info about it.

with this command the Dos Window will appear and you can type your commands for this system

this command will open the monitor system program and will show you your Ram usage and CPU usage and input and out put.also it will show you the hard disk usage in a table.

With This Command The System File Editor Will be open and you can edit them.but becareful about editing.don't edit the file that you don't have information about it.

this command will allow you to activate your Windows FireWall.it's good to be safe against hackers and firewall is for the security in the net.

with this command the Doctor Watson progam will open and can help you to find your softwares problems.

this command use for having back up from your system

with this command you can manage your hard and all of the partitions and edit them.

this command will allow you to gain control of your hardwares and enable or disable them.

this command will allow you to build or edit character.

with this command you can disable your windows service and change it.

with this command you can deactivate the softwares that run when your system start to work.

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